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Humor is a vital part of our lives, from comic strips and cartoons to political humor, all are welcome diversions. Here we will provide you with links to the major comic strips and political cartoons of the day. Some are available only online.
Major Syndicated Comic Strips
Virtually every comic strip and political cartoon you see in your daily paper is now available online.
United Feature Syndicates comics pages.
From the Peanuts gang to Heathcliff, over 90 different cartoons.
Uclick networks syndicated comics. Garfield, Doonsesbury, Cathy and many more.
King Features syndicate comics
Over 50 of your favorite comic strips, including Spiderman, Marvin, and Family Circus
Tribune Media, with Annie, Gasoline Alley, Dick Tracy & others
Online Comic Strips and Cartoons An outstanding directory to over 18,000 comic related links.
The Cartoon World of Lil' Pengy
Political Cartoon Sites
From both sides of the aisle
Dave Monet Clay Bennet
Tom Tomorrow (This modern world) Mark Fiore, Chris Hiers Jim Huber