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Links to Pop Up Blockers
We have not tested these, but they do appear valid
This appears to be a nice site with links to opt out of pop ups from numerous ad servers.
Pop-up Stopper
Panicware,inc offers freeware and demos on their products
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* May 2002- Internet surfers victorious in class-action privacy invasion lawsuit

* The dark side of Internet cookies

* April 2002- Privacy Watchdog Group, EFF, Issues Tips On How Protect Online Privacy.

* Domestic Violence Center urges victims to cover their Internet tracks

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Pop ups? Not on our site!

You should never get a pop up or pop under window on We have had issues in the past where venders began feeding unwanted pop ups to us. Whenever a page containing their content was loaded, they placed a cookie in your browser without our permission. Your browser would then contain cookies that say they are from by way of zedopopxxxxx. and We did not place the cookies and notified the vender of our displeasure and that we consider this practice to be a form of "scumware". We systematically eliminated this provider from our site. Unlike the more common "scumware" practices, see, this particular issue placed the cookies we mentioned on your browser, and when you loaded our site, by way of that provider placed a pop up ad on your screen. In short, hijacking our site to advertise their products.

How do I get rid of them?

This is actually very simple compared to most issues. In Explorer, simply open your preferences file, and select the above mentioned cookies and delete them. No more pop ups/unders when you come to our sites. In other browsers, there will be other manners of deleting cookies. In Netscape 4.x for example, we simply clear our cache files. See your browser's help file for more detail. You can delete all cookies if you wish, but there may be cases where you have been to sites that need the cookie they saved, that becomes your call. Cookies are not bad unless they have been misused. There are commercial programs available to remove cookies from your browser. We are aware of "iclean" from Aladdin Systems which not only will remove the cookies, but will also block "pop ups", It is available as a stand alone product for Windows and is part of the Spring Cleaning package for the Mac. We have also attached a few informational links as well as links to a couple of sites offering services that appear quite good, but as we have not tested them ourselves we cannot comment on them.

What we have done

We did suspend the use of the earlier mentioned vender and will do likewise with any vendor or link that attempts this in the future, rather it be intentional or by unresolved security leak. Your privacy, security and enjoyment of the internet is of the utmost importance to us.

"Through our partnership with, we are offering an exclusive version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar with a pop up manager built in. No browser should be without this handy tool! Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you'll help support"

Marketing and Your Online Privacy

"There is a lack of awareness about how extensively personal information is collected and used on the Net. Aggregation of data from different sources allows others to form opinions of you, to market items to you in a specific way, or to possibly discriminate against you, based on a profile that may or may not be accurate.

Consequences can range from simple embarrassment to serious problems such as harassment, violence, insurance cancellation, loss of job or home, and relationship issues with family and friends. "

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
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